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Landmar Pharmaceuticals Limited

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107 Stratford Road, Birmingham B11 4AD, UK.

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Providing Total Health Care Solutoin

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who we are

Established in 1986 as a small family-run business, Fandex Pharmaceutical has now become one of the leading generic companies in the UK.

We pride ourselves in supplying quality products and services to the primary and secondary care sectors.

We offer a wide range of core generics with specialties in respiratory, analgesics and anti-infectives.

Because we know how quickly the market can change, we always source, develop and manufacture our products with the now and tomorrow in mind, ensuring continuity of supplies and improving patient offering.

Our expertise of the pharmaceutical industry has allowed us to become a key service provider with our award-winning ready-to-dispense offering to out-of-hours doctors or our renowned over-labelling division. We also provide manufacturing, sourcing and delivery services.

Thanks to 30 years of delivering sustained quality in products and services, Fandex Pharmaceutical has become a key partner for many and a strong player within the generics industry, ensuring continuous growth and setting the path for a successful global expansion.

In 2013, Fandex Pharmaceutical became part of a multi-billion pound corporation through the DCC Vital acquisition, leader in the sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Britain and Ireland